Holistic Coaching


Life coaching is the latest buzz word, the latest skill to have on one’s resume.  But clients seldom get coaching for their life.  Usually it is something specific that gets the attention, to the detriment of their lives as a whole.

Like holistic health looks at the whole patient for a deeper diagnosis and better management, Abundance Holistic Coaching can assist with coaching in a broader way - multi-faceted analysis and assistance with many integrating strands of what may not always be a simple problem.

We approach each person using the 4D model (bio-psycho-socio-spiritual) for assessment and coaching.  People connect internally (their cells physical connections), downward (psychological grounding), outward (socially, in significant relationships and their communities) and upwards (to their spiritual side).  Neglect anyone of them and the person becomes asymmetrical.

Spiritual matters hold a lot of sway on this site and in our approach.  We believe in and promote Christianity.  We will happily explore other beliefs with individual clients, but our modeling and teaching comes from a Biblical perspective.

About Us


Enhance every area of life so that life isn’t just full, it is overflowing!

Use any medium including individual coaching, group work, corporate presentations and the internet.

Dr Christopher Pitt MBBS FRACGP is a General Practitioner, Health Coach, Communicator and God Enthusiast.  He has worked in the medical field for nearly 20 years, including several years of Paediatrics before becoming a General Practitioner (aka Family Physician).  He has experience in skin cancer medicine and cosmetic medicine, and is gaining formal qualifications in life, business and executive coaching.  He is a published author, writing health articles for Alive Magazine in Australia, and is soon to have his first book published.  Husband, and father to two young boys, there isn’t time left for much more.  However he has become quite proficient at Wii Tennis, and is always looking for a challenge!

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